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Load Cells

Optima OP-730 Single-Ended Beam Mounts (Tank Cell)

OP-730 Single-Ended Beam Mounts (Tank Cell) Max capacity 2,500lb small envelope, 5,000lb small envelope, 5,000lb large envelope, 10,000lb large envelope, 15,000lb large envelope, 20,000 large envelope Cable lenght 20ft Material Plated Alloy Steel

Optima Op-310 Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cells.jpg

OP-310 Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cells

Interchangeable Products · Artech 30310 · Celtron SQB · HBM A35 · Revere 5123 · Rice Lake RL35023 · Sensortronics 65023 · Tedea 3411 · Totalcomp TSB · Coti 23

Optima OP-311 Single Point Load Cells

OP-311 Single Point Load Cells Capacity 50kg, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg Aluminum Cable lenght 12ft. Accuracy class III

Optima OP-312 Tension S-Type Load Cells

OP-312 Tension S-Type Load Cells Capacity 200lb, 300lb, 500lb, 1000lb, 1500lb, 2000lb, 2500lb, 3000lb, 5000lb, 7500lb, 10,000lb, 15,000lb, 20,000lb Material Plated Alloy Steel Cable lenght 20ft Accuracy Class III. Interchangeable Products : · Celtron STC · Rice Lake RL20001 · Sensortronics 60001 · Artech 20210 · Coti Global Sensors CGSB

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