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Optima OP-416-2-P

Plastic Junction box

Optima OP-416-4

Painted Mild Steel Edited Junction Box

Optima OP-416-4-SS

Stainless Steel Junction box

Optima OP-416-4L-SS

Stainless Steel Junction box

Optima OP-416-6-SS


Optima OP-416-8-SS

Stainless Steel Junction box

Optima OP-416-10-SS

Stainless Steel Junction Box

Weighing Kit

This weighing kit consists of everything you need to build your own scale (except the platform) Top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price ·  4 NTEP Load Cells (with various capacities available) ·  Mounting Hardware ·  1 NTEP Bright LED Display with Wall-Mounting Stand and RS-232 ·  1 NEMA Rated Junction Box ·  4 leveling feet ·  20' Long Stainless Steel Shielded Cable with Quick Disconnect

Optima OP-423 RS-232 Cable


Optima OP-410 Base to Indicator Cable


Optima OP-425-4-PVC Cable Rolls


Optima OP-425-4-SS Cable Roll


Optima OP-425-6-PVC Cable Roll


Optima OP-425-6-SS Cable Roll


Optima OP-412-T-Label Printer

Table thermal printer • Serial cable • 8.5V AC adapter

CAS DLP 50 Printer

CAS DLP-50 is a thermal label printer to be used with the CAS S2000 Jr Price Computing Scale. Features serial connectivity, easy label loading and small footprint.

Op-412 Thermal Printer


OP-404 Rechargeable Battery


Op-450 Test weights

Optima OP-450 test weights are high quality test weights for your important application such as scale calibration. The castings are free of cracks, pits and sharp edges. Optima test weights are accurate and are rated NIST Class F. Come in various sizes.

Bonding Straps

- OP-430-12 Bonding Strap

- OP-430-16 Bonding Strap

- OP-430-24 Bonding Strap

OP-413 Ball Capture


OP-413-SS Ball Capture Stainless Steel


OP-414 Rigid Plated Steel, Level Feet


OP-417 Regular AC Adapter


OP-417-W Water Sealed AC Adapter


OP-403 Stand SS

Stainless steel remote stand • Sturdy and well constructed

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