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Balanzas Para Animales

Rice Lake Stationary Live Stock

Bolt-on racks and gates • Durable X-Lug floor over steel I-beam • Solid 48 inch kick panel sides • Solid 48 inch kick panel gate • Spring loaded latch on gates • Scale collapses for shipping

Rice Lake Single Animal Scale

Swing gate, sliding gate or one slide gate and one swing gate • 48 in solid kick panel sides • Ships assembled
• Mobile or stationary configurations

Rice Lake Live Stock Mobile

Deck, cage (with sheeting shown), and integral trailer package • Rubberized deck • Enclosed scale includes two standard gates • Rugged all weather powder paint • Low deck height of only six inches, when in weigh mode
• 12 volt battery pack (recharged by tow vehicle) • Integral air pump to lift and lower trailer air bag suspension
• Electric brakes • Can be used on any firm surface up to 6% grade • Approved Legal for Trade in the United States and Canada • Junction box for load cells • Rubber strip on entry and exit flooring

Rice Lake Live Stock - Rough Deck

The SLV offers the rugged and durable features of a RoughDeck floor scale modified to meet the demands of livestock weighing. The diamond tread plate and rigid structural steel channel frame provide durability for weighing sheep, goats, cattle, hogs, horses and more. The SLV can be customized for retrofit or unique applications.

Rice Lake Farm Bars

Three feet ArmorGuard cable included • Kit includes IQ plus® 390 digital weight indicator with live weigh option and factory calibrated

Optima OP-920 AlleyWay Portable LiveStock

Portable, with carry handles and wheels. Thread plate surface. Ramp edends Adjustable feet Indicator with large LCD display and rechargeable battery. 18” long sturdy metal shielded cable 20"x50" (including ramp edends) x2.5" High Capacity: 2,000lb; Accuracy: 0.2(lb) Warranty: 2 years on the platforma nd loadcells; 1 year on the indicator.

Optima OP-922 Vet Scale

Perfect for veterinarians, kennels, labs or anyone handling medium to large size animals, Optima Scale's digital vet scale OP-922 makes weighing four-legged patients easier than ever. The removable stainless steel platform makes cleanup fast and easy, and the scale base can be positioned up to 10' away from the display. The indicator features an adjustable mounting bracket for either desk or wall mount convenience. The scale and display are rechargeable battery powered and have a power-saving automatic sleep mode. Automatic zero tracking maintains the scale at zero while the hold feature retains the displayed weight after the animal is removed. It comes in capacity of 1000 lb x 0.2 lb.

Optima OP-929 Livestock Alleyway

Optima Scale's OP-929 Series features extremely heavy duty livestock alleyway scales with capacity of 5,000 lbs x 1 lb. It comes with a large platform (84" x 30"), integral 6" long ramps, and 4" high side rails, making a complete livestock alleyway. Its heavy duty construction can accommodate most large livestocks, and its motion sensing technology delivers accurate animal weighing...

Optima OP-930 Cattle Scale

Optima Scale's OP-930 Series is great for weighing hogs, sheep, cattle or horses while keeping them in the cage. It is heavily constructed and comes fitted with all the electronics necessary for livestock weighing.

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