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The model TR-1-NK-HE digital scale indicator is supplied with a 5000 psi (temperature compensated) sensor with 12 feet of hook-up cable to the digital display. The unit provides a quick and easy weight check for shipping or receiving, or inventory verification. It has a“Lock-on-Weight”feature that keeps the weight on the display while pressure may be bleeding in the lifting cylinder. The ability to weigh while loading eliminates time wasted using a stationary scale. The display is mounted for easy viewing and operation without interfering with the operators view. It gives the operator a quick check for unsafe overloads. The installation is easy and consists of mounting the display in a convenient location and attach the power cord to the vehicle battery. Insall the 1/4 NPT sensor by“Teeing” into the pressure side of the lifting cylinders hydraulic line. A known weight load of at least 10% of capacity should be used for final calibration on site. The standard features provide for easy setup and calibration and simple interface to optional printers or computers. The TOTALIZATION feature allows for accumulation when loading or unloading.

Tara Systems Fork Lift TR-1-NK-HE

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